The Many Peculiarities of Coconut oil
The following Excerpts are taken from the book of Dr. Bruce Fife, Doctor of Natural Medicine, USA; pp.6-10

Posted on February 18, 2016

Paul is visited by people from all walks of life who consume coconut oil. Norma Taylor, a tennis enthusiast, is a regular consumer. The political activist, Dick Gregory, and in Portsmouth, Catherine; A vanilla farm operator, Keta or Kathleen Cotta, buy two cans of coconut oil or topical jar regularly. Keta said: "Believe it or not, I add coconut oil into tea or coffee, as in vitamin supplements."

To sell his products, Paul never claimed to cure any specific disease nor he claimed it as drug. His label reads: "Generally, pure coconut oil can be used for skin and hair, whether internally or externally. It can be used daily."

People who use coconut oil will invariably claim that coconut oil is a panacea for almost all diseases and health problems. Users praise how coconut oil relieved certain symptoms or cure a particular health problem. As a topical ointment, coconut oil’s use is amazing. Paul often said, coconut oil can eliminate any symptoms of skin disorders, including psoriasis. Just moisturize the affected area with coconut oil until the skin problem is eliminated. According to him, coconut oil can make the wound to stop bleeding, as long as the pressure in the wound is only slight. Coconut oil can prevent bacterial infections; when used also to massage the body, it helps to regulate body temperature; coconut oil can reduce the body temperature; coconut oil can eliminate sting, insect bites and poison ivy-induced itching, pain and swelling.

It is not only particularly effective for burns, but it can also prevent pressure in sores, eliminate wrinkles, acne and dandruff. It can sooth cracked lips, sun-soaked skin, frostbites, diaper rashes and gingivitis.

Women during pregnancy or on postpartum stage can use coconut oil to prevent stretch marks. Upon hearing Paul’s lecture on this, a local gynecologist recommended its use for postpartum women to eliminate stretch marks and restore the skin’s vitality. Paul said that coconut oil can penetrate the skin pores, thereby cleaning up the skin deeply; it keeps the body moisturized. If the skin pores are clogged, then acne, boils and other skin outbreaks are formed. Coconut oil can penetrate into the pores and dissolve clogged metabolites. To prove this point, Paul asked people to chew gum, and then gave them a teaspoon of coconut oil. When one continue to chew with oil in his mouth the gum will be dissolved in the mouth. Paul explains that: "The blockage of pores is one such clean up."

Coconut oil can miraculously solve any skin problem. For example, my wife had an eraser-sized chest mole. Paul advised her to use coconut oil in the affected area to keep the mole moisturized and eliminate the mole; as she was eager to remove her mole, she applied oil on it. For faster results and effectivity, she used the oil daily. She followed his instructions religiously, applying coconut oil every twelve hours a day. A few days later, a piece of the mole began to shrink and the fine pores emerged and finally, moles disappeared. Really amazing!

One of my pet dogs, has a big mass on one eye. The vet suspected the mass to be a tumor. Since it was too close to the eyes, it is very dangerous, thus he recommended immediate resection surgery. With the thought that coconut oil is beneficial to humans, it could also be beneficial to the animals, so I applied the coconut oil on the lumps on my dog’s forehead. As time went by, the tumor reduced in size, finally disappeared and did not recur. This eliminated the dog’s surgery.

Coconut oil is not only applied to the skin, it is very versatile in cooking. Paul devoutly takes a teaspoon of coconut oil daily, as in eating nutritional supplements, making him young internally and externally. Coconut oil is also an effective oil. According to Paul: “ When taken orally, coconut oil may relieve gastrointestinal diseases." Coconut oil is a tonic, medicinal and a repair agent. He often said: "Coconut oil will make one happy, healthy and beautiful." He believed that coconut oil is a fountain of youth.

Paul, was a successful healer and practitioner of traditional medicine and uses coconut oil exclusively. Coconut has been used for thousands of years in the Philippines and the Pacific Islands, it is regarded as "medicine of all diseases." For many Asian and Pacific Islanders, coconut provides material life.

In March 28, 1998, when the 102-year-old Paul died, people who know him said his appearance and actions were that from someone a lot younger than his age. Before his death, his body was still vigorous, he could still squeeze and grind coconuts to make coconut oil – he benefited from his advocacy. Paul did find the fountain of youth. He is the most incredible person I have ever seen, and I still miss him.

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The book refers to cold press Virgin Coconut Oil. It is extracted at a low temperature in the press, without using any chemical ingredients and solvents, only made with fresh coconut meat. The coconut oil retains its natural plant elements, with light coconut fragrance of coconut oil.

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