Kelly Rowland swears by coconut oil to ease eczema rashes
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Posted on April 15, 2016

Kelly Rowland slathers herself in coconut oil to keep her eczema under control.

The former Destiny's Child star has struggled with the skin condition for years, but she has managed to find a way to minimise her dry rashes thanks to the natural benefits of coconut oil.

"I have eczema," she explained during a Facebook chat for "I literally have to moisturise my skin two to three times a day... I know that sounds really excessive but my breakouts are really extensive."

"I get them (on my arms), behind my knees, under my boobies!" she laughed. "Right after I get out the shower I use coconut oil all over my body and I use this lotion, CeraVe, and it really, really works."

Kelly also admitted her skin didn't look so bright and clear after becoming a first-time mother in late 2014, when she welcomed her son, Titan, with husband Tim Weatherspoon, but she credits a special product created by her facialist with helping to rejuvenate her look.

"My facialist, Shani Darden, brought my skin back to life after I had my son Titan," she gushed. "I guess the hormones, whatever, (messed up my skin). She has this product... a little thing of this retinol stuff that she uses. I don't know what it is, but it's amazing! It brought my skin back to life...! I use her facial wash and this retinol (formula)... It's my favourite product."

The 35-year-old has since decided to step into the beauty industry herself with the upcoming release of her own cosmetics collection, which she has created with her make-up artist Sheika Daley to suit all skin tones.

"I'm very excited about the beauty line," she smiled. "It's titled For All: Created Equal."

Kelly and Sheika will launch a range of fake eyelashes as their first products, and the singer is excited to introduce fans to her favourite beauty accessories.

"We wanted to start off with lashes," she said. "I'm obsessed with lashes, and when Sheika does her different clients, from myself to Lala (Anthony) to Serena (Williams), to Nicki Minaj now, she custom makes the lashes for our eyes and I just love that she did that, and I just felt like the lashes were different, they were cool, they were beautiful. I just feel like lashes make your eyes come to life, they feel so feminine and lovely."

But despite her love of make-up and accessories, Kelly believes true beauty comes "from within".

"I have days where I wake up and I feel like c**p and I look like c**p!" she insisted. "And I have days where I wake up and I'm just really blessed and I don't have to have a stitch of make-up on, but I just feel happy, I feel blessed, I feel loved, and that's all the beauty I need in my life."

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