With coconut oil, women can also be fashion models

Posted on February 3, 2016

Women fear pregnancy pains and deformed bodies. During pregnancies women’s face and bodies are burdened with pregnancy spots making them feel miserable and make them struggle for beauty programs and regimens. This situation even persists until the second month of giving birth where they are burdened with parenting tasks. It is imperative that they visit the beauty salon and the gym, even if it gives them non-stop pains.

With doing all these activities just to keep pre-pregnancy figures, many women are still frustrated when they are facing mirrors. The face spots seem to tease them that they feel losers in the fight to regain their beauties.

Miranda, a Victoria Secret supermodel is someone to look up to by other women, for even with a child of her own now, she keeps her svelte, stunning and slim figure. She is the envy of many women. She has a picture taken after three months of giving birth. Nobody can believe that she has just given birth. The reason she has that thin figure was attributed to her consumption of 4 tablespoons of coconut oil daily.

Why is this so? Coconut oil contains short and medium chain fatty acids that helps lose excess fat, helps digestion and helps in the healthy functioning of the enzymes and thyroid systems.

It helps slow down the pancreas and speed up the body’s metabolism, eliminate the excess energy and achieve rapid weight loss.

Coconut oil is a natural anti-oxidant with moisturizing effect that prevents skin aging, maintains skin’s softness and smoothness and its youthful glow.

There are a handful of evidences on this in India and Polynesia. Even if women are exposed to the scorching sun, their skin maintained the soft and white condition as they use natural coconut oil on their skins.

For pregnancy facial spots, coconut oil can also help. Miranda shared that with the use of paper mask soaked and applied with a layer of coconut oil placed on the facial spot for 20 minutes, the spots were gone.

As for weight gain, Miranda shared that with coconut oil, she lost 3 kg. in two weeks.

When Miranda’s daughter was four months old, Miranda had problems with her falling hair. She used coconut oil and her hair turned supple and shiny. Her hair loss significantly reduced and black hair regenerated. Taiwan Niu Er beauty guru, on microblogging, introduced special effects of coconut oil hair care.

Coconut oil has an aromatic taste and gives one satiety. When it is used for cooking, it brings out the fresh taste of vegetables.

According to Miranda, with only six months, “ I look just like a "changed beauty" with a delicate skin back and slim figure restored. At the recent Spring Festival party, I had a handful of big shows, with repeated applause, I really found a "supermodel" feeling.”

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