The rigid skin regimen to follow for a healthy, glowing skin

Posted on February 3, 2016

A. Facial care

First, is the normal cleansing process using either plain water, a scrub brush or cleansing oil to thoroughly wash the face. Using a soft towel, pat dry the face; do not wipe forcefully as the facial skin is very fragile, pulling hard will hurt the skin.

Second, paint a little coconut oil on the eye lids as these are the concentrated massage wrinkles site. Coconut oil can moisten paper-thin skin, improve dark circles, fade and remove wrinkles. Use only a pea-sized amount of oil and be careful not to penetrate the eye so as not to blur the vision.

Third, on the dry parts of the face, i.e., eyebrows, forehead and other parts that are relatively dry, apply small amounts of coconut oil and gently massage in circular, motion for skin absorption.

Fourth, apply coconut oil to the lips. Unrefined coconut oil can soften, moisturize chapped lips. Coconut oil is completely edible, thus, even if one accidentally swallowed it is not a matter of concern. In fact, eating coconut oil is very healthy.

Fifth, coconut oil can be used as cream. After washing ones face or bathing, massage for 10 minutes to allow the coconut oil to penetrate the skin. In fact, just a coin-sized amount of coconut oil can paint the entire face and it is enough to enjoy good results!

B. Body Care

For coconut oil to be easily absorbed by the skin, it is best to apply it after a bath or a shower while the skin is still soft and warm.

1. Use a tablespoon of coconut oil to moisturize arms. A tablespoon of coconut oil, spread and massaged evenly on the arm, can be absorbed by the skin. Wipe generously on the elbows.
2. To moisturize legs, use 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply to the thighs, knees, legs and feet and continue to massage until the oil is absorbed by the skin.
3. Use a tablespoon of coconut oil to nourish the body. Apply coconut oil as lotion on the back, buttocks, abdomen, chest and other parts that need nourishment.
4. It takes about 15 minutes for coconut oil to be fully absorbed by the skin. Stay in the bathroom, wrapped in towels to avoid coconut oil contamination on clothing.
5. Coconut oil can be used for bathing. Just add a cup of coconut oil in the tub of hot water
and stir to dissolve in the bath. Just doing this bubble bath twice a week will make skin shine and moisturized.

C. Other uses three of coconut oil

1. As massage oil. Just a few drops of lavender or rose essential oils will add fragrance to coconut oil. Apply to the body or let a partner to help lather the body for a sexy SPA.
2. As hair mask. Pour a pea-sized oil on the palm, rub palms together and apply on the hair and forget frizzy and messy hair.
3 As scar removing agent. After a period of time, application of a large amount of coconut oil on scars, repeated twice a day, will lighten its color and bring it back to its original skin color.
4 As treatment for eczema. The coconut oil applied on dry, inflamed skin with rashes can relieve itching and can nourish the skin.
5 As protection of hands and nails from bacteria. Use coconut oil to coat hands and nails after a thorough wash with soap and warm water. Using just a pea size of coconut oil, give the hands a spin massage for the skin to fully absorb the oil.

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