International Food Exhibition (IFEX Philippines) is the country’s biggest international trade exhibition on the Philippines’ and Asia's ethnic and specialty food, tropical fruits, vegetables, seafood, beverages, bakery and confectionery products, meat and poultry, Halal-certified products, as well as natural, organic, and healthy food products. It was held at the World Trade Center on May 19-21, 2017.

Team Asia Corporation and Organic Coconut Association of the Philippines showcase their organic Coconut products. As the leading provider of health and wellness coconut products in the Philippines, TAC and OCAP have been providing organic and all-natural products that are beneficial not only for health but also for everyday needs.

Also, during the first day of IFEX Philippines, the first Philippine Organic Coconut Congress was successfully held at the Philippine Trade Training Center. It was attended by different sector from the organic community. The congress was divided into several topics such as; Current Global Trend Market and Opportunities, Research and Development for Coconut Products and International Organic Certification.

Lea Alejandro, Division Chief at Emerging Products Division focused on the Export Opportunities for Certified-Organic Coconut Products. The total exports of Coconut products of the Philippines from 2012 to 2016 decreases from its peak on 2014 but according to Google Analytics, the search for coconut products e.g. coconut water, coconut oil and coconut sugar around the world is still increasing and it is one the evidence that coconut products are still in its way up to the global market.

For Canadian Organic Consumer discussed by Maria Roseni Alvero of Philippine Trade and Investment Center (Toronto). Organic Production is a system that is managed according to standards and regulations and it is the most transparent, most consumer driven and most heavily regulated food system. According to Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, USA still number 1 for Global Organics Market followed by Germany, France, China, Canada, UK, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

International Organic Certification talked on Organic Certification in the Philippines by Andrea Ruas Etcheverria and Maribel Porras. Over the years, they have become an expert in environmental issues for high quality and acceptance in all markets. They inspect and certified products, draft innovative standards and consultancy. They issued certification on Food, Cosmetics, textile, Homecare, Fair Trade, Quality Security, Climate Change and Management System.

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